DJ & Producer with an enormous love for electronic dance music!

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My latest track called ‘Something’ is a progressive house banger with beautiful vocals and captivating melodies.
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Maurixx Fitness 2020 Mixx
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Julian Black & Maurixx ft. London Sax - Tried Everything

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Coming from a musical family, Maurixx developed his love for music at an early age. He gets a lot of inspiration from the disco sound of the 70s and the 80s, as you can hear in his track ‘Tried Everything’.

In the 80s you could find him in the club every weekend, that is where the love for new genres arose. During the 90s his passion for electronic music grew. Trance and House were the leading sounds at that moment.

His career as a DJ started in the early 2010s. At first this was a hobby but thing escalated really quickly as it so often happens in music! Now you can find him in the studio multiple times a week working on new tracks!

Maurixx breathes music, music is his energy. When he shares his music with people, thats when he feels so much happiness. For him it’s about the music and the people who can enjoy it. He feels the connection with the people around him because music is a language that everyone understands.

Julian Black, Maurixx & Aiska The Time Is Now

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Maurixx Sport Mixx (2022, EDM)

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The Time Is Now

Partying to the break of dawn, the time is now!
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Maurixx & Mary-Jo - You Can Win If You Want

You Can Win If You Want

Inspired by 80s pop and modern dance with vocals by Mary-Jo!
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Maurixx - Outlaw - DDW013 Small


The most energetic powerhouse banger by Maurixx!
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A collaboration with Ram6!
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My latest progressive house banger!
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Julian Black & Maurixx ft. London Sax - One Thing

One Thing

As a follow-up on ‘Tried Everything’ Julian Black and I created this tune! Let the summer begin!
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Julian Black & Maurixx ft. London Sax - Tried Everything

Tried Everything

Enjoy the Smooth Disco Vibes and House Beats in this track! ‘Tried Everything’ has reached over 250k plays on Spotify!
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What Will Life Be

Together with the talented young singer & songwriter ‘Sam Kolenbrander’ I created
‘What Will Life Be’. Enjoy!
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'A' Game

Especially for all the die hard sport freaks out there, bring your ‘A’ Game!
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Real Love

Collab with RAM6 and Romany, enjoy!
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Real Love

My latest collaboration with RAM6!
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Maurixx EDM Dance Hits 2023 Playlist

Maurixx Remixed Hits Playlist


For bookings:

Maurixx plays a variety of many genres out of the dancescene. For example: EDM, Big Room, House, Tech House, 70’s 80’s 90’s, Uplifting Euphoric Harder Styles etc.

For booking inquiries just give us a call, send a whatsapp message or an e-mail!


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